Aldi sells lightweight vacuum cleaners for less than £30

2021-11-11 07:38:46 By : Ms. Tina Cao

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If other Aldi SpecialBuys are sold out at a rate, then we don’t have much time, so listen...

A large number of new budget-friendly products have just landed on the site, including two-in-one vacuum cleaners under £30.

We know that the vacuum cleaner is not the most exciting thing you can reward yourself, but at such an affordable price, it can free up more money for yourself to buy something more glamorous. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Salter 2-in-1 wired multifunctional vacuum cleaner, so you can decide if you want to add it to your shopping basket as soon as possible.

For starters, it is very compact and light, so if you drag a heavy vertical Hoover up the stairs too many times, this may be exactly what you need. 

It is also very suitable for people with insufficient space, because the vacuum can even be completely removed, so you can put it in the draw.

It may be small, but this does not mean that it is not powerful, because it has 220-240 voltage and 600 watts.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter, and its design allows you to instantly clean shelves, under furniture and awkward corners with multiple functions. 

There are four accessories to meet all your vacuuming needs.

The aluminum extension tube is designed to remove dust, first from any space that is normally hard to reach. 

There are additional nozzle and brush tools to help deal with the most frustrating corners. Finally, the floor tools, so you don't miss any place on the carpet. 

In short, it makes cleaning work-no matter how big or small-becomes easier and time-consuming. 

Although it is brand new to the website, customers are quickly snapping up it. A review left so far gave it a full five stars and said: "It is in its own right under and around the furniture, on the windowsill, on the top of things."

For just £29.99, it can make your weekly cleaning easier. 

Or, if you want something more attractive, the Salter multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner may be for you. It is very suitable for cleaning carpets and hard floors. It even includes a pet hair accessory to remove all these messy hairs. 

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