Use iRobot Roomba 692 to save a lot of money

2021-11-11 07:03:07 By : Ms. Kate Zhu

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(Pocket-lint)-The Black Friday transaction must have started very early. If you have been postponing the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner, now is the time to make a deal. 

There are currently many deals for Roomba robot vacuum cleaners in the United States, but there are also deals for Roomba 692 in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Since the asking price of the robot vacuum cleaner is usually $299.99/£269, it is already quite affordable. But what makes it more attractive now is a nice discount, which is 33% lower than the usual asking price. 

Save up to 33% on iRobot Roomba 692 sweeping robot

The good thing is that this is also one of the easier to justify purchases-having an automatic vacuuming system not only saves you valuable time (you can look for more deals in it, maybe), but it also eliminates boring, you know, actually The above is to clean up the crumbs scattered in your house.

Why choose this device in particular? First, it provides you with the cheapest entry point into the world of expensive robot vacuum cleaners-as far as well-known brands are concerned, finding one at this price is always worth considering.

In terms of functions, self-charging 692 can be controlled by Alexa, and due to different cleaning modes, it can handle almost any type of floor you own. There are also some things, such as iRobot's dirt detection, which will record the areas in your home that require the most work and increase cleaning efforts, as well as cliff detection, which is essential for users who want to clean near stairs.

As we said, robot vacuum cleaners are usually discounted at this time of the year, and we expect to see more in the coming weeks. Pre-order Reolink Duo to enjoy 15% discount on dual-lens smart security camera By Pocket-lint Promotion · November 10, 2021