THISWORX car vacuum cleaner is available on Amazon

2021-11-22 04:11:03 By : Mr. david yue

THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner-$22,99

I don't know what makes the car so easy to turn into a pigsty. One minute ago, you were admiring the luster of the silver modern Tucson, the next minute, you will find crumbs and dirt as deep as your ankles! Save the travel of the gas station vacuum cleaner, just invest in this THISWORX car vacuum cleaner. Everything is in name, people! Do you think someone will directly name the product "THISWORX" without a certain degree of confidence in its invention? Have confidence!

This small and lightweight mini vacuum cleaner is driven by a 106-watt motor and uses a powerful cyclone to remove all hidden garbage (dirt, dander, pet hair, relatives’ ashes, food debris) that seems to gather in every corner of the car. Or not. 

A 16-foot rope and large trash can allow you to clean under the seat and other hard-to-reach areas, while the washable HEPA filter keeps it clean. Simply plug in the car's 12V power socket and choose one of the three accessories (flat head, retractable, brush nozzle), and you can clean without wasting time or money. 

Does this THISWORX car vacuum cleaner ($22.99) suck? There is only one way to find! 

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