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If you have pet hair on every surface of your home, you must use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for handling pet hair. We will look at the top five vacuum cleaners that are best for pet hair.

Author: Michelle Honeyager | November 10, 2021 | Topic: Kitchen and Home

Pets enrich our lives in many ways, but most people would agree that constant shedding is not one of them. Especially if you have multiple pets, it is important to find a vacuum cleaner that can suck all pet hair.

Pet hair vacuum cleaners are a must because they often add tools specifically for cleaning pet hair, are designed in such a way that they will not be blocked by pet hair, and have other features that pet owners would like.  

You can read about the top vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair below. We selected these cleaners based on price point, power, and pet hair characteristics. 

BISSELL's CleanView has many functions dedicated to cleaning pet hair. It has a visible triple action brush tool that can loosen pet hair. Cord Rewind keeps the machine away from the breeze. The large water tank can be emptied at the push of a button and has a clear design to show when it is full.  

It has multi-stage filtering and is MultiCyclonic

Non-scattering technology helps keep debris from being scattered on hard floors 

Possess a variety of tools, such as Pet TurboEraser tool, dust brush, crevice tool and extension rod 

Although quite thin, people with small and full rooms may want to choose a stick vacuum cleaner model

Some comments say the hose length feels too short

EUREKA PowerSpeed ​​is another vacuum cleaner with a transparent bagless canister. If you are looking for budget options, then this is an affordable range. It is also specially designed for pets and is equipped with a pet turbocharger tool. 

It has an LED light that can help you see dark corners and crevices 

Pet turbine tools, crevice tools, upholstery tools and dusting brushes

Some critics say the hose may be clogged

Some commenters stated that their models tend to have weak suction power

V8 digital motor, 110,000rpm 

9.8 inches high, 49 inches long, 8.8 inches wide

Charge for 5 hours, run for up to 40 minutes 

Those who have small rooms with many interior decorations may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner. There is a charge for this model, and then you can use it cordlessly. It's hard to believe that the stick vacuum can handle households with pet hair, but this model is designed to accomplish the task.

2 layers of radial cyclone and machine filter make pet fur tough

Use additional crevice tool to switch to handheld mode

Switch between two modes to achieve different levels of cleaning

Accessory allows you to reach high places

Use a more powerful mode to shorten the cleaning time between charges: the higher MAX mode can be used for up to 7 minutes 

The price is much higher than most of the more traditional vacuum cleaners

Naturally, the trash can on the stick model is much smaller than the more common vacuum model

11.5 inches deep, 45 inches high, and 12.75 inches wide

This model also has a transparent tank for easy emptying. An important feature of this machine is its rotating steering. This model is also equipped with a more powerful motor than the other models in the list.

The power cord is 5 feet longer than many standard models

It has two motors, is MultiCyclonic and has a lot of power to pick up stubborn pet hair

Rotating steering makes it easy to use

The advanced action brush roller helps reduce hair entanglement, you can open and close for different surfaces

According to modern vacuum standards, it weighs 16 pounds and is slightly larger 

The price is slightly higher than similar models

Bagless 0.7L dust cup capacity

Sometimes, you only need a simple handheld model to clean up the dirt left by the pet or pick up a small area of ​​the pet's hair removal, such as after they have been brushed and if you need to clean the car on site. This is where the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum cleaner comes in. It is battery-powered and cordless, making it the easiest to use.     

Although it is handheld, it is equipped with multi-purpose tools such as crevice tools, upholstery tools and electric brush roller tools 

The transparent jar is easy to empty, see when it is full

It has a running time of up to 17 minutes, so it is only suitable for quick retouching work

It has a filter that you need to replace, and this model does not have a clean filter indicator 

You love your pets, but are there any guests who are allergic to animals? Then, you might want to study a model that focuses on eliminating allergens and other allergens associated with pets in the home.  

The allergen cleaning center equipped with SmartSeal allergen system HEPA can capture 99.97% of dust and allergens 

Multi-purpose tools, such as the combined crevice tool and dusting brush, and the Pet TurboEraser tool

LED headlights can be seen in dark corners and crevices 

One-touch clearing tank emptying function to avoid contact with allergens 

Removable canister is a handheld and more portable option

Small swivel feet make it easier to install between furniture

One of the more expensive models on the list

The reviewer stated that it may be difficult to replace the filter

One review said it was too heavy for them, at nearly 16 pounds, it was one of the heavier devices on the list  

We selected these products based on multiple criteria such as vacuum characteristics, ease of use, and review quality. 

How about the product that makes it suitable for pets: Our first consideration is how to design how to make it ideal for pet hair and other pet-related debris. Ideally, the product needs to include some multi-purpose tools to help pick up pet hair. Ideally, the product should also have technology that helps avoid clogging and tangling of pet hair. It should also be durable, equipped with a powerful motor, and even the most stubborn and rough pet fur types can get enough suction.    

Features that contribute to ease of use: We also considered the ease of use of the product. Multi-purpose tools (such as upholstery cleaners) are also included in this section. Well-known bonus points are used for rotating steering functions, models converted to handheld options, and accessories that help you reach hard-to-reach places. A clear model showing when the tank is full is also important to avoid excessive pet fur clogging in the machine. Long power cords and hoses are also an advantage.      

Online reviews: We are also careful to ensure that these products have strong reviews online. At the time of writing, there is no vacuum model in the list that has a rating below 4.3 on Amazon.

Price: Another important consideration is price. For example, one of our preferred reasons is the BISSELL CleanView Rewind pet vacuum cleaner, because its price is just over $100, and there are still many features at this price point. 

Different machines are best suited to different needs. Check out the following to find out which products are best for you:

If you have multiple pets and/or pets with thick coats: dogs with thick double coats, multiple pets or long-haired pets will require the heaviest machinery. Look for vacuum cleaners with powerful motors that clean out the trash cans so you can see when they are full and have a large dust cover. In our list, Hoover Power Drive will be a good choice, and BISSELL CleanView and EUREKA PowerSpeed ​​are other good choices. 

If your room is tight: vacuum cleaners like the Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner are designed for these types of situations. If a stick vacuum cleaner is not for you, check out a vacuum cleaner with an easily steerable swivel head and a large number of multi-purpose pull-out tools to enter confined areas, such as the Hoover Power Drive. If you need to clean up the narrowest space, BISSELL pet hair eraser handheld vacuum cleaner may also be a good choice.      

If you have mobility concerns: look for a very portable vacuum cleaner. This may be another situation when the rod vacuum model is working. Hand-held models are also very suitable for many people with limited mobility.  

If you or someone you know is allergic to pets: use a vacuum cleaner that is sealed inside so that it does not spread allergens and is equipped with a HEPA filter. On our list, the BISSELL MultiClean allergen stripping vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter is ideal for people with allergies.   

If your pet is often on furniture: make sure to vacuum with powerful upholstery tools to help remove stubborn hair from the fabric. BISSELL is known for its Pet TurboEraser tool, which has a rotating brush in the attachment to help remove stubborn pet hair.   

The pet hair vacuum cleaner is always designed to work effectively around a large number of hairs. A key feature is that these products usually have a tangle-free roller to avoid clogging of the hair. Large transparent tanks can usually help you know when the machine is full to avoid the accumulation of pet fur. A variety of multi-purpose tools can help you clean pet fur, dirt and dander on different surfaces. Multi-stage filtration, multiple motors and MultiCyclonic design help to maintain strong suction power even in the face of piles of pet fur. These products also tend to have a larger tank and dust cover capacity, so you can vacuum larger garbage longer.  

Our best overall choice is the BISSELL CleanView Rewind pet vacuum cleaner. We chose it because it has the most suitable features for pets at the most reasonable price. Powerful motors, transparent tanks and Pet TurboEraser tools can help you unknowingly defeat the fur that tends to accumulate in pets’ homes.  

The working principle of the HEPA filter is to push the air through a fine mesh, and then filter out pet dander, dust mites, pollen and smoke and other small particles. This is why if you must remove pet allergens, HEPA filters can work so effectively: it can help catch and remove pet dander.  

AW stands for Air Watt. Air watts are used to measure the wattage used to transport air through a vacuum cleaner. This is a measure that tells you how strong the vacuum suction is. On the canister vacuum cleaner, 220AW is a good rating, more than 100AW is very suitable for other types, such as stick vacuum cleaners. Suction power is an important consideration for pet hair vacuum cleaners, because strong suction power can help you remove fur from the surface more easily. Many specifications do not list the AW level, but list other power-based specifications, such as motor power, so don't worry too much about the AW level.  

A good stick vacuum cleaner will have enough suction power to easily handle pet hair. A powerful motor, a two-layer radial cyclone and a complete filter have been added, just like the Dyson V8 animal cordless vacuum cleaner, making it powerful enough to handle stubborn pet hair. 

However, trash cans and dust covers are naturally not as big as canister vacuum cleaners. This is a point to consider when comparing canister vacuum cleaners and stick vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners also tend to be more expensive.  

Other powerful products may be good choices, but they are not fully on the list due to price, dirt capacity, online reviews or not so many pet hair characteristics. 

Some honorable mentions include:

Dyson Ball Animal 2: This vacuum cleaner is not on the list because it is very expensive, but it is well known in the market that it has some of the most powerful suction power of 227AW in Boost mode.   

Roborock E4 and Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner: If you are looking for robot options, many have strong suction power, and this model can also suck up any pet mess. It is just not included in the list of the smaller bin capacity of the robot vacuum cleaner. You can learn more about robot cleaners in our guide.   

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