In the Lakeland promotion, the Shark vacuum cleaner is an immediate £100 off |

2021-11-11 07:02:59 By : Ms. JOEY GAO

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Whether you want to upgrade your cleaning appliances or want to refresh your home, there are now promotions where shoppers can get discounts on Shark vacuum cleaners-don't miss it.

Now available, Lakeland offers shoppers discounts on Shark's top vacuum cleaners for a limited time.

Shark vacuum cleaners are known for their efficient and durable products, which can clean any surface and are suitable for all households.

From steam mops to wireless designs, find the best thing for your space.

Only available, please make sure to shop now and buy the cleaner for less than £50.

Customers can save a lot of money when buying Shark products in Lakeland.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap is one of the biggest savings.

It is the ultimate multi-function tool, specially designed for vacuuming pet hair.

It can also be converted into a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner to target smaller areas and hard-to-reach locations.

Comments like how it sucks all the dirt and dust away, and it is also very suitable for cleaning stairs.

The Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless pet vacuum cleaner is now available for only £279.99.

This transaction saved the customer 100 pounds from the original price.

Buy a vacuum cleaner here.

Other highlights of this auction include the Shark WandVac light pet 2-in-2 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.

It is very suitable for busy families and can be used immediately to quickly clean up mess and spills. 

Now priced at £199.99-buy it here.

Steam mops are also on sale, customers can save shark steam mops.

The Shark Steam mop makes the floor gleaming, now it's down to £49.99.

Other available products include Shark Klick n Flip Steam Pocket Mop and Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Mop.

Buy Lakeland's shark sale here.

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